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Training Packages

Option 1 – group sessions up to 12 people

Beach sessions several times a week. We meet on the beach in Los Boliches to train in the sand. These sessions can be with equipment or bodyweight. They are always scaled to your specific level, so everyone can join. It’s fun and we focus on the social aspect as much as getting a good workout done. 

Suitable for beginners.

Option 2 – group sessions max 6 people

Circuits at the garage gym in fuengirola. These circuits are a mix of heavy weights and cardio, using machines such as Concept 2 rower, Concept 2 Ski erg and the Assault air bike, combined with heavy barbell work, kettlebell work and bodyweight exercises.

Some experience required.

Option 3 – personal instructor classes up to 2 clients

A cheaper alternative to personal training. These classes offer most of what personal training offers, except a specific program. This requires a bit of discipline on your side, but still gives you tough and targeted training towards goals you set for yourself. It includes skill training and practice in movement patterns. You yourself are responsible for diet, calorie intake and weight or progress in strength.

Instead of a Personal training program’ intuition and guidance from the instructor together with your own goal, will get you going in the right direction. 

Suitable for all levels, but requires the client takes full responsibility for their efforts.

Option 4 – personal training

Personal training for the client who has a specific goal to reach, typically within a 12 week period. Your goal can be to lose weight for a wedding, get bulky for an event or get shredded for summer. Some of my clients use this option because they want to prepare for a major sports event like a marathon or an ironman with structure and focus.

With this option you get a full program to get you where you need to be in the planned time frame

Get in touch for preliminary interview at no charge, 

personal training is a personal journey for both you and me, so an interview is necessary to see if I am the right coach to help you