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Online course

Online personal training program.

225€ a month for a personal trainer and nutrition coach!

Includes: Welcome package Exclusive access to our training program complete with videos and scalable options for every single training session.

Weekly check ins Coaching calls Nutrition tracking by professional nutritionist Measurements rather than a scale. Fitness tests to track progress and lots of personal content to keep you up to speed, build a habit that becomes a lifestyle!

21 minutes is a training system done with no equipment, and can be done anywhere. Based on traditional and functional movement patterns. With a high focus on enhancing vestibular and proprioceptive senses making the body work with synergy rather than isolate muscles. And it challenges the mind with neuromuscular coordination, and strength building exercises. you will have your own personal trainer AND your own nutrition coach! Guaranteed to release awesome neurotransmitters like serotonin, dopamine and noradrenaline into your bloodstream as well as reduce the levels of cortisol. Putting you in a state of relaxation response, rather than the stress induced fight or flight response a lot of people find themselves in daily. Little by little building a stronger mind-set. As we focus on what we can control and lay the foundation for habits that win in life. Refined through more than 10 years of trial and error, breaking bad habits by replacing them with good ones, and with a focus on a sustainable lifestyle that creates results for the average busy person. As well as works as a foundation for the more advanced athletes. Building routines we can follow through on, even when motivation fails us. It builds on the basic elements of many different physical tasks, sports and arts. With 16 hours a wake every day (more or less) you have 960 minutes to spend. I challenge you to use 21 of those minutes with me! And take complete ownership of your fitness and your life. For only 225€ a month you get 2 professional coaches on your team Full price for the “21 minutes” 3 weeks intro course and 12 weeks program is 840€ pay all up front and get 10% off the price!