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Kom i form på 21 minutter med et online hjemmetræningsprogram
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Online 21 minutters kropsvægt program

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Online 21 minutters kettlebell program

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Online 21 minutters kropsvægt program

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anbefaling charlotte

“I’m so proud of myself, It makes me feel really good that I now get up early every morning and follow the 21 minutes program. The 21 minute bodyweight program is the most personal online training program I have ever tried, Super motivating and simple to follow. And the best part is that I can do it anytime and anywhere!
I’m looking forward to the next program”!

Charlotte Katrine Andersen

anbefaling ailsa

“I’m so pleased with myself for completing the 21 minute bodyweight program. Thomas was there all the way to push and motivate me, and I now feel more fit and comfortable with all the different exercises than ever before! My body composition really toned up nicely and it feels so empowering to get my workout done before my family wakes up and the work-emails begin pouring in. I really feel like I’ve created a new lifestyle for myself and have this healthy habit which I can build into each day.”

Ailsa Pérez Ulecia

anbefaling doreen

“He will definitely challenge you to exceed your limits, but still in a reasonable manner to your individual fitness level. In the group no one feels left out – be it beginner or workout enthusiast – as all exercises can be adapted to the different levels.
Every training session is different making it fun and you’re already curious what he will come up with for the next one.
His current video sessions are a great way to start the day. So even if you’re not at the Costa del Sol, here’s your chance to give it a try and join the fun.
Thank you for sharing your passion, Thomas!”

Doreen Schäfer

anbefaling per

“Jeg havde i efteråret æren af at have Thomas som personlig træner, og jeg kan ganske ærligt sige, at det var en kæmpe fornøjelse. Udover at være et utrolig behageligt menneske er Thomas en glimrende træner. Han har 100 % styr på sagerne. Han ved, hvilke øvelser der fungerer – og hvorfor de gør det. Han forstår i høj grad at motivere en og skubbe til grænserne, men har samtidig et skarpt øje for, at man ikke kommer til skade i processen. Så kort sagt vil jeg ikke tøve med at anbefale Thomas til andre.”

Per Jacobsen

Kom i form på 21 minutter

Kom i form på 21 minutter med et online hjemmetræningsprogram

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